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Talking about a green home green planet is not what you think, a narrative about environmental responsibility in today’s world (Well maybe a little bit)

Ever thought how one makes ones garden lawn looking green whatever the time of year. Have you had to keep off your grass during wet seasons because of the sogginess (yes it may be green)? Then look with dismay at your lawn during those hot summer months when it sort of grows but can look drab and dead? (Not much you can do about it either if water restrictions have been put into place). So you have to put litres and litres of water on it where a lot of the time it just runs off. Ha! out with the aerator (more work) to make some holes for the water to go down. Are you really looking forward to all that mowing, aerating, watering and fertilizing to try and keep it healthy and green looking? What about all those weeds that keep sprouting up? You can pull them out (more work) or you can put on some of that nasty weed killer stuff. What about all that money you have to spend? Petrol, water and fertilizer all which keep going up in leaps and bounds, especially petrol and water.

Now you may be an environmental freak, a concerned member of this green planet or just worried about the money you have to continuously fork out. But apart from that, all that stuff you are using to keep your lawn green may not be doing your kids or pets (not to mention yourself) all that much good. Environmental pollution is getting worse and worse. I sometimes wonder why people (especially kids) these days seem to be suffering more and more from allergies and sickness one hardly ever heard about before.

So what can one do about this, (because even your little bit helps). You could take a look at installing synthetic grass. All those things above then go away whatever your motivation. Put your mower on Ebay and free up room in your garage. But, you say, “a lawn laid with synthetic grass looks so!!!!! well, artificial”. When was the last time you looked at synthetic grass that is manufactured today using modern methods of production? Look at some of our examples at Ausgrass. If you put a piece of turf that you have spent sweat and tears keeping green next to a piece of Ausgrass I defy you to tell the difference between real grass and synthetic grass.

You should give Ausgrass a call and free yourself from all that drudge that seems endless. Sit back and enjoy life instead of being a slave to it. Click on the “Map” image and find how you can visit or contact us.

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