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Use of Garden Screens for decoration

Most people love privacy, maybe not all the time but some of the time when they want it, that is why garden screens are considered. One area is in the garden where garden screens can provide this, whether screening the patio or screening the whole area of your backyard surround.

But what sort of garden privacy screen to use? A wooden fence, aluminium screen, bamboo, bricks? Some of these look good, some of these not so good after all it is a garden. Some of these are maybe more than you want to pay.  Probably the best kind of garden screens that relates to your garden are hedges. DIY garden screens look good and you can place them where you want without too much effort.

But! they take time to grow to an effective height, They take a lot of upkeep. Think of all that watering, fertilizing and trimming to keep it looking good. Well you have come to the right place to find a wonderful alternative.

Ausgrass can now present to you their artificial garden screens that are not only easy to install, are instant but looks just like the real thing, foliage. Maintenance virtually none existent just wash down with a hose to remove dust after a long time without rain. whatever garden screen ideas you may have you cannot go wrong with our durable screens.

Our screens measure one metre square and are simply attached to each other for the coverage you want.

artificial plant screens

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