One thing is sure, plants make us feel good even artificial plants. More people are using them. Some people hate them and think there is no equivalent for real plants. But! there are studies that even artificial plants offer an environment where people feel less stress. If you are not a avid gardener and see continually having to work on keeping real plants in splendor. (Which can be hard during winter when most go to sleep and can be just as hard during summer when they get overgrown) the task on trying to keep them looking good can cause stress anyway. Where does this end? probably without the plants being tended wilting and half dying and end up making you more depressed. An artificial plant never dies and these days they are made so it is very difficult to tell the difference between real and artificial.

It is well known that artificial plants are a boon for office environments where real ones can suffer from lack of light and need continual upkeep not counting the cost of looking after them. Some artificial plants can also be a boon for the environment because they need no water. (although real plants can help the environment as well) but where water is scarce they can add heaps to that environmental look. They can be used inside or outside. Why don’t you consider using outside a mixture of real and artificial plants. This can especially be good for hedges and screens where real ones need heaps of attention to keep them looking good. They are a great supplement and as background for real plants.

As a complement to artificial plants you should also look at our Synthetic Grass. Now this is a real saving on our environment and our pockets.

We have a comprehensive range of range of artificial plants which you can view by clicking any image below.

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