artificial hedges

Artificial Hedges to screen swimming pool

Artificial hedges look great in any environment. Not only do they look good but they stay looking good. Todays manufacturing techniques create hedges that are indistinguishable from the real thing. A few areas where artificial hedges are superior to other plants is that they are ideal for use in areas where it is difficult to grow normal plants. They need next to no maintenance, use no water, fertilizers and do not need that other heavy chore “trimming”. In many cases like furniture they can even be moved around to suit your mood.

The picture above also shows an ideal situation where Artificial Hedge Fencing can be used, making a beautiful screen to hide the usual daggy looking base of some trees. More importantantly they provide a barrier to chlorinated water being splashed onto the soil and possibly killing the trees. True, other types of barriers could be used but what is better than a lovely natural looking hedge that needs no maintenance.


Artificial hedges also provides an elegant and convenient way of decorating inside your home especially on a patio or in that outdoor room that is a feature of most homes built today. What about that apartment balcony whether bought or rented where you can take them to your next abode if you move.

Need I say that artificial hedges are also ideal for commercial premises. Reduce your costs for providing a livable and pleasant employee environment or decorating your foyer.

View the three types of artificial hedges we currently offer above. You can get a beautiful enhanced view if you click on an image. Come and visit us at our display centre and see them in real life.

The price for our artificial hedges are

750mm high, 750mm long and 250mm wide $250

Did I tell you that we also provide similar artificial screens with the same look? These can be used to cover whole walls. Have a look at them here and how they can be matched with our artificial hedges.