Artificial Grass For Playgrounds

artificial grassWhether it is a public playground or a backyard playground artificial grass is quickly replacing natural grass. Why is this so? Well, if you consider that grass surfaces at playgrounds get a lot of wear and tear which means lots of maintenance is required in keeping the surface from becoming bare. One other aspect is that continuous use eventually compresses the soil to a rock hard surface that becomes a danger if ever a child falls. In today’s litigation environment this is becoming a increasing concern.  This is a reason that daycare centres are also looking to replace natural grass with artificial grass.

What are other reasons are there for replacing these areas with artificial grass. Well, kids love grass, they love rich soft grass that they can roll about on. This can continuously be provided with artificial grass as it is easily replaced when it gets worn. Let’s face it, it will get worn and although this type of grass is very resilient this will happen.  Because of this it is important to select a high quality grass to provide a surface that is safe and durable and also pleasing to look at.

According to statistics 60 percent of playground injuries are caused by falls to the ground. Because you can get artificial grass that is thick and lush, something that you cannot maintain with natural grass, you can reduce this statistic by a significant amount.

Artificial grass is virtually maintenance free thus adding another advantage in reducing maintenance time and costs. If any part needs to be replaced then only that area needs to be so. What’s more you don’t have to wait for it to grow.

Of course children will have accidents, (the natural kind) so washing away is by simply using a hose as the construction of the grass allows for water to drain through.

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