Enjoy your Holiday Home – Install Artificial Grass

Artificial GrassSummer is coming and some of us start looking forward to some idyllic times languishing without a care in the world at our favorite retreat, our holiday home. Unfortunately we frequently experience an inward groan as well as the enjoyment associated with a restful trip away.

Your holiday home is a cozy retreat that your family and friends love to holiday. But what happens when you are away the ravages of winter and then the sunny weather arrives that causes the garden to grow in frenzy. You then spend half your holiday working through this jungle to get it shipshape. This is on top of the other work that may have to be done. You fix everything up, the grass, the pruning with the knowledge that it will just happen again next time.

But never fear there is a solution at hand that will at least go some way to relieve a great part of this work. Instead of spending hours hunting for your dog after he disappears into the jungle that is called your garden, Lay it with a beautiful lawn made of artificial grass (synthetic grass if you want to call it that) Artificial lawns come in assortment of styles. Artificial grass no longer comes looking fake, it is nothing like that found on playing fields or golf courses. In fact, some types will have you taking a closer look to check that what has been installed really is fake! Synthetic lawns have even advanced more so that you cannot even see even by feel. It’s not until you try and pull a blade of it that you realize it is artificial. Artificial grass, as well as having the advantage of never having to be mowed, watered or trimmed continues to look fantastic rain, hail or shine.

Children will love the soft, springy feel and pets (we all know how they like to poo on a nice clean bit of grass) simply wash away their leavings with a hose. You will never see mud being trekked into your holiday home, or unsightly patches where the grass has been worn away.

Artificial lawns made from artificial grass look good, feel good and need no maintenance work. (well maybe a teeny weenie bit) So, if you are dreading a visit to your holiday home because of the work that will have to be done, maybe its time to think about using “Ausgrass” artificial grass to reduce this load on your holiday time.

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